Planning Urban and Trans-European Mobility together


The new TEN-T regulation outlines a set of novel requirements that 431 European cities are expected to fulfil. These include, among others, the adoption of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) and the development of multimodal passenger hubs and freight terminals. Fulfilling the ambitions in the new directive poses new challenges and opportunities.

MOVE21 invites European cities designated as urban nodes in the new TEN-T regulation and mobility professionals to discuss challenges and opportunities associated with passenger transport both within and extending beyond urban nodes. A fundamental question for the conference is:

What collaborative efforts are essential along transport corridors to enhance connectivity within and between urban nodes?

Join us for two days of discussions in Oslo (22-23 April) and talks with other European counterparts and experts! The event is hosted by the City of Oslo and co-organised by Eurocities and Polis.


Please register at this LINK to attend the event in person.

Draft agenda available HERE



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