Coming next – Technical workshop of the Scan-Med Observatory

20221123_MOVE21_ScanMed Observatory – technical workshop agenda_finalThe purpose of the Scan-Med Observatory under the MOVE21 project is to bring cities and local authorities to be more involved in the TEN-T implementation process.

On Wednesday 23 November, from 9:30 to 12:30 CET – a technical workshop focused on the Scan-Med Observatory is organised by the MOVE21 project. It follows-up its official launch, which took place on 12 October with a high-level session at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022. More than 65 participants attending the session online.

The main objective of the technical workshop is to gather interested stakeholders – especially from cities and local authorities – to bring momentum and gather inputs and feedback from local level about how to close the gap between TEN-T network and urban nodes. These inputs will be taken into account in view of the definition of the Framework Plan and future activities of the Scan-Med Observatory.

Speakers include representatives from POLIS, EUROCITIES, SCANDRIA Alliance, STRING Network and more.

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Click below to see the latest version of the agenda and concept of the event.

20221123_MOVE21_ScanMed Observatory – technical workshop agenda_final


Transport corridors do not just cross countries, borders, industrial areas, ports, airports, but also connect a large amount of medium and large cities and agglomerations.

More efforts to make sure that interfaces between TEN-T network and access to large metropolitan areas are both taken into consideration are needed. Last-mile connections, urban consolidation centres, multimodal hubs, are there to make sure that a fully integrated travel chain for both passenger and freight is established. For this reason, the Scan-Med Observatory aims to act as a bridge to overall TEN-T implementation and the local level. Cities and local authorities located along a defined corridor have an opportunity to raise their needs and highlight their points of view.



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