ECOMM2022: MOVE21 and SCALE-UP session

The ECOMM2022 conference on sustainable mobility was arranged in Turku Finland 31 May – 1 June 2022.
MOVE21 arranged a session together with ist sister project Scale-Up. The mission of Scale-Up is to accelerate green and inclusive mobility change in European cities, and the topic of the session was  governance innovation for decarbonising urban mobility and logistics. It was chaired by Lucian Zagan, Eurocities, who is participating in both projects.
The session was opened by MOVE21 coordinator Tiina Ruohonen, who asked: What is needed in cities and innovation projects to reach 2030 climate-neutrality targets? María Eugenia López-Lambas from Scale-up followed up discussing the potential for implementing a MaaS service in Madrid metropolitan area. Stijn Vernaille, Scale-up visualised how data-driven solutions in Antwerp can contribute to behavioural change towards clean and smart mobility before Annika Kunnasvirta and Stella Aaltonen from Scale-Up and the hosting city Turku conversated about the battle for finding space for Mobility Hubs in Turku.
Jesús López Baeza from MOVE21 concluded the session by discussing urban vitality and public space usage through the strategic placement of street-scale logistic hubs in Altona, Hamburg. 
Additionally, MOVE21-member Heike Bunte presented an idea for 100 Climate-neutral Micro Hubs in a session about mobility hubs for intermodality earlier the same day of the ECOMM conference. 



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