MOVE21 at CIVITAS Forum on smart routes towards climate-neutral cities

MOVE21 is a CIVITAS demonstrator project and was invited to present the project’s concept, methodology and ambitions at the CIVITAS Forum 2021 in Aachen. The project coordinator Tiina Ruohonen presented MOVE21 at forum. In addition, project members from the City of Oslo, Eurocities and TNO represented the project on-site, with several more project partners engaged on-line. The CIVITAS Forum gave transport planners, city representatives, researchers and developers an opportunity to meet physically and discuss pathways to climate neutral urban transport. The topic of this year’s forum is “Smart routes towards climate-neutral cities” and builds on the European Commission’s mission to create 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030.

Ruohonen pointed out the integrated approach of MOVE21, combining non-technological and technological innovations to facilitate long-term decarbonisation efforts in European cities. She stressed that the project is for, by and with cities – enabling, promoting and supporting the high ambitions in the participating cities towards smarter, greener and cleaner cities in Europe. The six cities and functional urban areas in MOVE21 are all on the TEN-T Scan-Med corridor, and Ruohonen presented MOVE21’s plans of establishing a Scan-Med Cities Observatory for improved coordination, data and knowledge sharing which is a clear added value from the project to European cities, in addition to the activities taking place in the six cities and functional urban areas. Ruohonen concluded her session by inviting the CIVITAS community to follow the project and join the exchange of knowledge.

CIVITAS is one of the flagship programmes helping the European Commission achieve its ambitious mobility and transport goals, and in turn those in the European Green Deal. It does this by acting as a network of cities, for cities, dedicated to sustainable urban mobility. Through peer exchange, networking and training, CIVITAS fosters political commitment and boosts collective expertise, equipping cities to put mobility at the centre of decarbonisation. Since its launch in 2002, CIVITAS has advanced research and innovation in sustainable urban mobility and enabled local authorities to develop, test and roll out measures via a range of projects. A series of ten thematic areas underpin these.



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