Multimodal mobility hubs and last-mile delivery – MOVE21 and ULaaDS webinar

The MOVE21 and ULaaDS project partner EUROCITIES is organizing in collaboration with VIL Flanders Innovation Cluster for LogisticsTRElab at Università degli Studi Roma Trethe Municipality of Groningen, and MIXMOVE a joint webinar titled “Multimodal mobility hubs and last-mile delivery”.

It will take place online on the 18th of February 2022, 11:00-13:00 CET. 

The webinar focuses on multimodal mobility and logistics hubs, intended as smart points in the transport network that seamlessly integrate different modes of transport with logistics flows. Multimodal hubs can play an important role in the transition towards zero-emission urban mobility and logistics. 

It will explore innovative approaches and best practices implemented in different European contexts, such as combining public or collective transport stations, carsharing parking slots, bike-sharing docks, EV-chargers and public cargo bike-sharing platforms and integrating this offer with drop-off and pick-up delivery solutions.

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