MOVE21 engages transport stakeholders at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

City representatives from Hamburg, Gothenburg and Oslo presented some of their mobility challenges and opportunities at the congress this week. The audience was encouraged to ask questions, present solutions and engage with the cities on their particular transport challenges. How does MOVE21 create clean and smart transport in cities for both goods and passengers?

Co-creation in Living Labs is at the core of MOVE21, and the special city session at the ITS World Congress marked the first public conversation with transport stakeholders about city-specific transport challenges and potential solutions. The public event was opened by the Project Coordinator Tiina Ruohonen, from the City of Oslo, who reinforced the overall ambition of the project and the ambitious plans not only for piloting but city-wide upscaling of the best solutions to accelerate the pace of the decarbonisation of the transport sector.

The cities asked for feedback and good ideas, and told the audience they are ready to test and co-create, potentially fail and learn fast.

Julia Peleikis from the City of Hamburg shared Hamburg’s vision of more and better possibilities for active transport and easy access to public transport wherever people are. She highlighted governance related challenges when it comes to the project’s integrated approach with regard to sustainable transport, climate resilience and social cohesion.

Alexandra Bakosch from the City of Gothenburg told us about their ambitions for large scale consolidation of people and goods, with less traffic on the roads. A city where citizens can use different modes of active transportation and the right kind for every activity. Gothenburg is a growing city, currently making the largest infrastructure investments in over 50 years. Within MOVE21 Gothenburg is exploring how to solve current and future mobility challenges when nothing is “business as usual”.

Patryk Bubilek from the City of Oslo told us about the city’s work with zero emission zones and the challenge that will be addressed in MOVE21 to combine mobility hubs with ZEZ to create sustainable and efficient logistics. With a ZEZ, all transport modes needs to be emission-free. And when new infrastructure is needed, space is scarce commodity.

The public conversation was moderated by Lucian Zagan from Eurocities and Geiske Bouma from TNO, and questions from the audience centred on issues regarding private-public partnerships, on how to go from pilot to permanent solutions, and what the long-term goals of the cities are. All the topics brought forward are part of MOVE21 and will be brought forward in project activities in the months to come.

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