First Neighbourhood Hub (‘Quartiers-Hub’) opens in Hamburg-Altona

A site for innovation in logistics, mobility, and social projects

A single space for mobility offers, logistics and social projects – that is the idea for the new Neighbourhood Hub (‘Quartiers-Hub’) in Hamburg-Altona implemented as part of the EU-funded project MOVE21. A previously vacant building belonging to SAGA, the social housing company, has now been re-designed as a multifunctional Hub for both commercial and public use. The Deutsche Bahn will operate the Hub.  


                                                                                       Photo: District of Altona


The logistics side of the Hub houses space to re-load packages and other goods. The goal is to reduce the amount of traffic coming from the transport of goods and to offer climate-friendly solutions. Deliveries and package pick-ups into and from the neighbourhood from the Hub will now be zero-emissions trips, thanks to the use of electric cargo bikes. The space inside the Hub itself will be used jointly by several different logistics companies, which will allow new models for cooperation to be tested. The delivery companies GLS and Hermes, as well as the logistics service company City Log, will be active at the Quartiers-Hub in Holstenstr. 20.  

On the social side, multiple offers will be available. The District of Altona’s Social Workers (Ottensen team), the Karin and Walter Blüchert Memorial Foundation and Dein Topf e. V. have united to create a “Social Service and Consultation Kiosk.” During the week, private consultations and support services will be offered here for neighbourhood residents, incl. financial advice, renters’ issues, debts and topic-specific training. In addition, Dein Topf has set up a distribution point at the Hub for food and supplies for the needy. The kiosk will be open from Fridays to Sundays, 14:00-17:00, and will offer basic daily needs, staple food supplies, as well as warm meals. Further social and cultural offers will be developed together with local residents.  

In addition to these concrete plans, ideas for personal mobility solutions that would fit into the Hub and would support sustainable mobility options for the larger community will be considered. These ideas will be developed with residents of the neighbourhood, SAGA and other local stakeholders.  

“The new neighbourhood hub is an enrichment for Altona Altstadt. The mixed use is a way to address the existing shortage of space. At Holstenstraße 20, sustainable solutions for the movement of goods are now being further established and made visible. And the socio-cultural offers and donations will create a new central point of contact that will be continuously developed for and with the people in the neighbourhood. In this context, new or additional mobility solutions for people will also be explored to be implemented during the project period in order to create further benefits for the neighbourhood.” – Stefanie von Berg, District Mayor of Altona, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Foto: DB AG / Oliver Lang

The Quartiers-Hub in the Holstentraße is a pilot project. During the coming months, the offers hosted here will be tested and further developed, with the goal to refine the Hub concept for more permanent solutions and for futher pilots in other Hamburg neighborhoods.  

More information about the project can be found here:  



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